62.500 EUR (Netto)
72.500 EUR (Brutto)
16% Tax
First Registration: 08|2018
Mileage: 100 km
Exterior Color: Bianco
Interior Color: Rosso
Fuel Consumption comb.: 10,9 l/100km
CO2-Emissions comb.: 253 g/km
Exterior: Bianco | Weiss
Interior: Rosso | Rot
Q7CS Business Paket Plus:
- QRB4 Navigationssystem
- Q508 Parksensoren vorne und hinten
- Q452 Sitzheizung vorne
95R Zugangspaket:
- Q40JGaragentoröffner
- Q5IX Keyless Entry
- QXZ2 Kicksensor
Q399 Elektrisches Panoramadach
Q136 12-Fach elektrisch verstellbare Sitze
Q6JC 20 Zoll Leichtmetallfelgen, Nereo Design
Q4TA Bremssättel Rosso | Rot
XAH Surround-View Kamera
Q728 Naturleder Vollausstattung

Exterior: Bianco | White
Interior: Rosso | Red
Q7CS Business Package Plus:
- QRB4 Navigationssystem
- Q508 Park sensors front and rear
- Q452 Seatheating front
95R Access package:
- Q40J Garage door opener
- Q5IX Keyless entry
- QXZ2 Kicksensor
Q399 Electrical Panoramic roof
Q136 12-way adjustable electrical seats
Q6JC 20 inch alloy wheels, Nereo Design
Q4TA Brake Calipers Rosso | Red
XAH Surround-View Camera
Q728 Natural leather full equipment
Determined on the basis of the measured CO2 emissions, taking into account the mass of the vehicle.
Scuderia Motors GmbH
Showroom in Munich:
Schatzbogen 38
81829 Munich
phone: +49 89 4545968-0
fax: +49 89 4545968-20
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