64.000 EUR (Netto)
74.240 EUR (Brutto)
16% Tax
First Registration: 05|2017
Mileage: 100 km
Exterior Color: Rame
Interior Color: Rosso
Fuel Consumption comb.: 10,9 l/100 km
CO2-Emissions comb.: 253 g/km
Exterior: Rame | Braun
Interior: Rosso | Rot
Q7CS Business Paket Plus
- QRB4 Navigationssystem
- Q508 Parksensoren vorne und hinten
- Q452 Sitzheizung vorne
Q559 Sitzbelüftung vorn
Q95R Zugangspaket (Garagentoröffner, Keyless-Entry)
Q4MN Applikationen aus offenporigem Edelholz Radica
Q727 Voll Lederausstattung,perforiert
QX72 Kick/Sensor
Q136 12-fach elektrisch einstellbare Vordersitze
Q316 Rückfahrkamera
Q399 Elektrisches Panoramadach
Q409 Exterieur Sport-Optik
Q4TA Bremssättel Rosso | Rot
Q6JC 20 Zoll Felgen im Nereo Design
A58B Mica Lackierung

Exterior: Rame | Brown
Interior: Rosso | Red
Q7CS Business Package Plus
- QRB4 Navigation system
- Q508 Parking sensors front and rear
- Q452 Front seat heating
Q559 Front seat ventilation
Q95R Access package (Garage door opener, Keyless entry)
Q4MN Applications made of open pore wood Radica
Q727 Full leather interior, perforated
QX72 Kicksensor
Q136 12 way electrical seat adjustment
Q316 Rear view camera
Q399 Electrical Panoramic roof
Q409 Exterior Sport Look
Q4TA Brake calipers Rosso | Red
Q6JC 20 inch alloy wheels, Nereo Design
A58B Mica painting
Determined on the basis of the measured CO2 emissions, taking into account the mass of the vehicle.
Scuderia Motors GmbH
Showroom in Munich:
Schatzbogen 38
81829 Munich
phone: +49 89 4545968-0
fax: +49 89 4545968-20
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